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 Dustin and Austin

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PostSubject: Dustin and Austin   Dustin and Austin EmptySun Apr 17, 2011 7:06 pm

Name: Dustin Jaden Kruse
Age: 14 at death
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight/Asexual
Species: Human/after-death!Medium
Hair color: Brunet
Eye color: Brown
Personality: Extremely protective over Austin (older twin), skittish in crowds, outgoing around friends, rash, erratic, jumpy, kind, gentle, cautious
Appearance: Lanky, tall, bony hands, frequent headaches.
Powers/Special abilities: Can communicate with the dead, +Attach with Austin
Occupation/skills/whatever: student/Medium
Favorite color: Purple
Description/backstory/whatever else seems mildly important:
- He was born with a +Attach with Austin. This is very rare and it means that if one of the two dies, the other will be utterly destroyed, inside and out. The Attached would never know how to live without the other because they had been together, mentally, since the beginning.
- When he first met Justin and was introduced to him as his older brother, Dustin wasn't very happy. He felt that Justin had betrayed them even when they'd never know each other existed and that Justin was supposed to protect them. But he quickly began to trust him, just not completely. But Justin did all he could to protect the twins after their mom's death.
- When he first discovered from Xenon that Justin was a vampire, that old feeling of betrayal quickly came back and stronger than ever. He quickly denied Justin as his brother and ignored him from then on, saying he hated him, when he really was scared of Justin. Luckily, this only lasted for a few months.
- Once seeing Justin again and nursing him back to health, he and Justin quickly make up. He tries to convince Justin that his "girlfriend", Zed, is bad news but Justin doesn't listen. And soon after, Zed kills Dustin in cold blood, right in front of Austin.

Name: Austin Vincent Kruse
Age: 23 at death (body stops growing, looks 14)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: straight/asexual
Species: human/after-death!Medium
Hair color: Brunet
Eye color: Brown
Personality: Gentle, timid, hides behind Dustin a lot, a bit more sickly, likes to laugh, likes going to the beach, likes biking and reading
Appearance: lanky, tall, thin wrists and bony hands, frequent headaches
Powers/Special abilities: Can communicate with the dead, +Attach with Austin
Occupation/skills/whatever: Student, Medium
Favorite color: Blue
Description/backstory/whatever else seems mildly important:
- Born with a +Attach with Dustin
- When he first met Justin, he was instantly drawn to the older, much unlike Dustin. He looked up to Justin and trusted him completely, making Dustin a bit jealous. But Dustin was still number one to him so the two were as close as ever.
- When they discovered Justin was a vampire from Xenon, Dustin had a more violent, hurt approach while Austin was just shell shocked. He understood why Dustin was freaked out over this since he was aware of how worried Dustin was about Austin. But he wasn't very angry with Justin, only a tad hurt over him not telling them. But he stuck with Dustin and did his best to ignore Justin.
- Once Justin and Dustin made up, Austin was eager to be with his brother again. They got along really well, until Zed killed Dustin right in front of him. The shock kept his body going long enough to last through the funeral, but soon after began shutting down. He became comatose for nine years, never eating so he was fed through an IV. His body stopped growing and he never closed his eyes and never blinked. He would sometimes suffer fits of awareness, the worst moments for him.
-During one of these moment of awareness, at age 23, Austin ended his life by by detaching himself from the IV whenever someone left the room. This death was agonizingly slow but, in the end, Austin got what he wanted. He died.
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Dustin and Austin
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